Lettera dal Kenya di Padre Nicholas

Lettera di Don Nicholas dicembre 2015 , la nuova scuola Don Cugnod Primary school


Firstly, I thank you very much for the support you have continued to give the the Center of Kairune. Last week we received Euros 40,000 for the running. With this we can begin the academic year well.
It has begun raining strongly and the entire region is wet. As it happens always, when it rains the roads are impassable. But the schools are about to close for the Christmas Holiday.
The academic year has been good. The children have performed well. And most of them will be promoted to the next class. Six children have completed class eight and possibly will be joining Form one next year. Soon these children will write to their sponsors to thank them for assisting them for all these years to complete their primary education.
I am also happy to note that four students have completed their secondary school. They will also write to thank their sponsors. I hope they will pass their exams and proceed to the University or college.
Don Cugnod School is still growing. Next year we shall have Class 7.  This will be our third year since the school begun. We thank the sponsors and the Association of Kairune through Fr John for continuing to assist these children to shape their future in the right direction.
The current project of building the Nursery school is complete. Actually only painting is remaining. The rest is done. I am sending you the photos to see how far we have come.
The next project will be the construction of the gate and the posho mill for making maize floor for the the children. This we shall do when the rains subside. I already have euros 10,000 for this project though the money will not be enough to complete the project.
I am sending you the statement of accounts about our expenses which includes both the don Cugnod School and the Kairune Sponsorship programme that has children attending other schools. The statement is from September 2014 to November this year. As you know the school calendar in Kenya begins in January. I am therefore suggesting our financial year to be beginning in January even though Fr John usually comes to Kenya in September or October.
Our annual budget currently, looking at the expenses of last year, stands at Ksh 6 million. We shall try very much to raise up to 8 hundred thousand from school fees. You have sent me 4 million from sponsorship. Therefore, We shall have a deficit of 1.2 million by next year to cover the budget.
Finally, as I told you Fr John, since you have just gone with the letters from the sponsors, we have decided to send post cards with Christmas wishes to all the sponsors. I am going to send Dr Botto with the cards. I humbly ask you to distribute them or post them to the sponsors once the reach you.  I must thank you for the drugs that you sent Dr Botto to bring me. I believe they will benefit some needy people.
God bless you all as  you begin the season of advent.
Sincerely yours
Fr Nicholas.