lettera da un bambino del centro

Don cugnod prymary school



How are you my dear sponsor ?

I hope you are fine. I am fine too. Here at centre we are fine. It is much greating from centre. At school I are improving and working for the seek of supporting my family. I want to tell you that last exam . I was position two marks four hundred and sixteen. My best subjects are teaching us well. Our class teacher is called madam Agatha. We have nine teachers. Our stafmembers always support us. Our matron teaches us how to carry out our duties.

Here at centre we takes balanced diet and a very delicious food, in the morning we drinks porridge and at ten we lakes porridge. We take our food expecially maire  and beans.

In our schoolwe have a shortage of playing thing especially balls we have got no balls. If it is possible you can help us with them. I like playng hand ball.

Please continue supporting me so that I can get better education.