Lettera dal centro kairune


 Lettera di una bambina della scuola Don C

ugnod primary school

kairune 2 001

                                                                             Don Cugnod  Primary school

                                                                               P.O BOX  2115-60200

                                                                               Meru –Kenya

                                                                                                              14- 03-2016

Hello dear fr.

Let me take this great opportunity to say hello to you dear are . It is my sincere hope you are good in health this wonderful time. At the centre we are doing well.

At the centre we have progressed abit we have got 173 pupils of which majority are sponsored. Fr. Nicholas purchased very beautiful chairs around 60 of them and  15 tables for nursery.

Moreso he has hired an artist to decored the wall of the classes and administration block with educative drawings  to makethe institution for learning.

Your loving daughter

Agatha Mukami

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